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We export Canada’s finest resources from produce, energy, to precious stones. We help set up supply chains that take local businesses to global markets. Besides, our business interests include hotels, real estate, cryptocurrency, career and eduation, and regenerative medicine.


We specialize in exporting select commodities to global markets.


We export oats, coffee beans, cocoa, pepper, tea leaves, fish and animal products.


We export petroleum and natural gas.

Precious Stones

We export jade, ammolite and diamond.

The one place where you’ll find the perfect solution for your supply needs.

our exports

Products We Deliver

We export custom statues made from the finest jade mined in Northern BC.

We export nutritious oats produced in ​Saskatoon, Saskatchewan​.

We export petroleum and natural gas produced in Fort McMurray, Alberta.
We export rare ammolite mined in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
We export natural diamond mined in Siberia, Russia as well as lab grown diamond.
We export coffee beans, cocoa cake, pepper and tea leaves from South East Asia.
our exports

Products We Deliver

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